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Feeding Sheet Line

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Feeding Sheet Line

* All-in-one Feeding Sheet
As it is designed following curve of baby body which means ergonomic design and multipurpose sheet , it is safe and stable for them when they have breast-feeding or bottle feeding.

  • Name of Product : Feeding Sheet
  • No : SYX-001
  • Material : Cotton, EVA



Name of Product


SYX - 001 (B, P)

Feeding Sheet of all-in-one type

Cotton, EVA

>> Fantastic Design

  1. It is concave type which can shape baby’s head beautiful.
  2. It can prevent back flow of milk by ergonomical design.
  3. It can make baby’s leg comfortable with supporting hip by its natural curve.
  4. Mother can feel at home as the baby’s weight is spread by supporting neck and hip of baby.

>> Cleaning
After resolving detergent in water, clean its surface by luffa with that water and dry it in airy place.

>> Material

  • Surface Material : 100% cotton
  • Inside Material : EVA (nontoxic)

>> Size
395 x 210 x 190 (unit : mm)

* Separated Type Feeding Sheet

  • Name of Product : Separated Type Feeding Sheet
  • No : SYX-002-01
  • Material : PP



Name of Product


SYX - 002 - 01 (R, Y, B, G)

Main Body of Separated Type


SYX - 002 - 02 (W, S, D, B)

Cover of Separated Type

Organic Cotton

* Sticking and Removing Method

  1. Place the upper part of hug baby care sheet in the filter form in cover.
  2. Set the lower and upper parts of cover with sheet.
  3. It comes to an end, if you raise zipper. Separate it simply and clean it to use.

* Characteristic of Design : Safety, Correct Posture

  • Creativity
    Ergonomical feeding angle and conven posture of mother
  • Safety
    As it is designed adjustable to the body type, it is safe and comfortable to baby.
  • Convenience
    It can serve convenient and safe feeding condition for mother.
  • Practicality
    It is light with easy cleaning and simple to use.

* How to use it
Father and grandmother unaccustomed to feed and hold baby can hold and take care of baby easily in comfortable position

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